Pimping: Rare Pair Shorts - WISHLIST EVENT

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Is it your birthday? No? That's okay b/c the summer wishlist is here to grant you fic / art wishes, anyway.

How the wishlist works. From now until May 30, make a wish for your fav. rare pairs (or gen) stories. Your wish will remain anonymous until May 31. Then your wishlist will be open to the public and whoever wants to make your day will write you a fic or do art for you.

No pressure. All genres. All ratings. Rare Pairs ONLY. More info on LIVEJOURNAL or DREAMWIDTH for you.

What's the best part? THERE'S NO OBLIGATION. You do not have to grant ANY wishes because this fest is about YOU. If you wanna be nice and do something for others, we'll love it, but just sit back and relax, and write about what you wanna read.

Truly The First Time (Neville/Draco, Harry)

Title: Truly The First Time (Wanting Harry)
Author: digthewriter
Pairing: Neville/Draco
Word Count: 100x2
Rating: R
Challenge: Prompt 346: Sunset for NEVILLE100
A/N: Part 12 of the Neville/Harry/Draco series: Wanting Harry. Catch up link: (ao3 here) + read from part one on (livejournal) or (dreamwidth)

1. Giving In, 2. When We're Alone, 3. New Rules, 4. The Unintended Touch, 5. The Element of Surprise, 6. Reluctance, 7. Like Hell, 8. Sharing, 9. A Good Friend, 10. Stay With Me, 11 A Fresh Start

12: Truly The First Time